Metal deconstruction in Gracemere

Zebra Metals is an experienced deconstruction and demolition contractor servicing the mining and industrial sectors throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory. Our reputation is built on delivering safe and effective results on time and on budget. We are proud to offer metal deconstruction and demolition services to our list of clients.

We provide deconstruction, demolition, waste removal, material transfer and site clean-up services to local councils, mine site operations, construction sites, waste management groups, agricultural and business customers, as well as privately owned tips and transfer stations. We have extensive experience and technical expertise in demolition, cleaning and clearing of scrap metal and other waste materials, transport of materials to transfer stations and innovative on-site recycling initiatives.


We specialise in efficient mobilisation to remote locations, and our professional team works closely with each client to deliver results that exceed their expectations regarding quality and service. Zebra Metals has the scope, resources and experience to undertake safe and efficient deconstruction of any type of construction in any area.

Safety is paramount during metal deconstruction jobs!

Zebra Metals is proud of our exemplary safety record in what is by its nature a dangerous industry. We believe our record in the deconstruction and demolition arena is built on meticulous planning, open communication and technical expertise.


Before any physical work commences, detailed planning is completed for compete demolition process. All regulatory approvals are obtained, licensing is checked and safe work method statements completed. Structural engineers are regularly used to identify hazards and put in place to manage the risks.

Our safety record is the envy of demolition and scrap metal companies in the areas in which we work. We specialise in remote and difficult jobs that others aren’t willing to perform, and we comply with our clients’ stringent safety procedures. Our clients include Rio Tinto, Alcan Gove, BMA mine sites, Bechtel, Curtis Island Gas Trains and local government and community councils throughout Australasia.


Don’t pass up the opportunity of having Zebra Metals quote on your next deconstruction project. Contact us or call 0458 332 441 today for more information about our deconstruction and demolition services.


We provide safe and effective demolition and deconstruction services for the mining industry. We can come right to your site with our heavy-duty and highly technical equipment. 


Zebra Metals & Environmental Services has transferred many machines, plant and equipment from various mine sites in Central Queensland. We supply a service for the removal and destruction of large proprietary equipment.


Zebra Metals & Environmental Services has been involved in the acquisition and removal of machinery from 10 tonne up to the demolition of a 270 tonne Liebherr 994-200 excavator and an 80 tonne Letourneau loader. We are able to handle the removal and disposal of machinery of any type and size within your time frames within the strictest environmental and safety compliance, see our scrap metal service here.

Our safety systems and procedures have been developed to meet the strictest requirements, and we are happy to develop and implement specific procedures to comply with individual client requirements.


We serve many council clients with metal demolition and recycling services throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory.


Zebra Metals & Environmental Services has extensive experience in mobilisation to remote locations throughout Queensland and Northern Territory, cleaning and clearing scrap metal and other waste materials and transport of materials as required.


We pride ourselves on having long standing working relationships with many local government and community councils, localised waste management groups, privately owned tips and transfer stations. Zebra Metals & Environmental Services has the scope, resources and experience to cater for all situations in regional areas.


Zebra Metals provides metal deconstruction, transport, hauling and recycling services for farm industries in Queensland. Inappropriate waste disposal on farms and remote area settlements can pose a risk to stock, people and the environment. Burying waste may be a quick fix, but the material you bury leaves a lasting legacy for future generations.


Inappropriate disposal of waste from farms and in remote areas can cause contamination and pollution, increase liability and impact the organic status of your property and your neighbours. Unwanted fencing wire, vehicle bodies and corrugated iron can all be safely removed and recycled by the great team at Zebra Metals & Environmental Services.


Many business clients trust us with their metal deconstruction and demolition services throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory.


Zebra Metals & Environmental Services offers a commercial pickup service for all types of businesses—from steel fabricators to automotive engineering and any other trades where scrap metal is regularly consumed or discarded. It is our primary focus to supply the highest level of service to our extensive client base, while servicing the specific requirements of each customer for their total scrap metal removal and recycling needs.


We have a variety of onsite solutions, collection bins, truck and machinery options to provide your business with either a regular service or one-off recovery and recycling of your waste materials in accordance with current legislation.